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  • CONGRATS, State of Agile™ winners!

    1 person won $1,000 cash, and 9 people won SONOS systems. Who won? Visit our Winners’ Wall.
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  • Why LevelTen Benefits from Scrum Methodology and So Could Yo...

    Get the real story from a real company that's made the transition to Scrum and is reaping the overwhelming benefits. 
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  • My Slicing Heuristic Concept Explained

    The No Estimates crowd might want to read this article. 
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  • An Experience Where Agile Approaches Helped

    Transitioning from waterfall to agile isn't like flipping a light switch. Prepare for some pushback, thrashing and team/organizational angst. 
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  • Myth 31: I Don’t Have to Make the Difficult Choices

    Is your management prepared to make the difficult choices to grow the business? In companies large and small, management must be ready and willing to make the toughest choices. 
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  • Creating Your Definition of “Done”

    Before any work begins, the team must define the definition of done. Without it, your team won't be able to determine if you've achieved anything. 
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