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  • The Story of Clean Language and the Gecko

    Clean Language and Intense Listening are concepts that your team might want to learn. When you think about adding your opinions, sit back and listen. 
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  • Software Estimation: How Misperceptions Mean We Almost Alway...

    We've all heard the horror stories of the number of started projects that never reach completion. Why does this happen? Why can't a group of super smart people get software estimation right? 
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  • Not Doing SAFe? No Problem. Not Doing These? Big Problem

    Alan Shalloway recommends applying the brakes before racing down the SAFe track. There might be a few other practices to effectively put in place first. 
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  • Five Books Every ScrumMaster Should Read

    Before your new ScrumMaster conquers world hunger or removes every imaginable impediment for the team, encourage him to read some great books on mastering the craft. 
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  • What Would That Do For You?

    When your boss is asking you to work longer hours or he's asking the team to increase velocity, pose this question: What Would That Do For You? The answers he shares should be very revealing. 
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  • Executives Can’t Make Agile Work

    Lasting change with agile won't happen until EVERYONE (executives and teams) is engaged. Learn why engagement is the secret sauce and how you can introduce it into your organization. 
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