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  • How Depersonalizing Work and Managing Flow Can Humanize the ...

    Is your workplace human? Is your team seen as a tight unit designed to deliver value daily, or are you seen as resources, pushing out work as fast as possible? 
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  • Antagonism and Agile

    Adopting agile practices without a culture willing to support and nurture those practices is doomed for failure. Join Allen Houb as he shares some wisdom about what holds agile back from succeeding. 
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  • The Art of Doing Less: How to Maximize Product Development

    It's tempting to want to 'gold plate' a solution until it meets every whim and desire of your key stakeholders. The problem: the product will probably never see the light of day. 
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  • The Story of Clean Language and the Gecko

    Clean Language and Intense Listening are concepts that your team might want to learn. When you think about adding your opinions, sit back and listen. 
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  • Software Estimation: How Misperceptions Mean We Almost Alway...

    We've all heard the horror stories of the number of started projects that never reach completion. Why does this happen? Why can't a group of super smart people get software estimation right? 
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  • Not Doing SAFe? No Problem. Not Doing These? Big Problem

    Alan Shalloway recommends applying the brakes before racing down the SAFe track. There might be a few other practices to effectively put in place first. 
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